Belair Excavating IL Corporate Office



E. P. Doyle was selected by Belair Excavating to design and build their Chicago corporate office based on winning a concept plan RFP process.  The precast concrete building included offices and a maintenance shop.  The remainder of the property was developed for outside storage, a fueling center and planned future development.

E. P. Doyle refined the owner’s concept plan so it would comply with stringent local building codes.  The building was sited on the property to meet the Owner’s current and future needs.  This required design and construction of a large earth retention system within a railroad right-of-way.  Due to the nature of the Owner’s business, specific design elements were incorporated into the construction of the warehouse.  This included casting steel I-beams into the concrete floor, trench drains, height requirements, provisions for overhead cranes, etc.


Client: Belair Excavating, Inc.