Automotive Facilities

E.P. Doyle has extensive experience on both new and renovation automotive facility projects. Time and time again Doyle has done major renovations while helping dealers maintain a normal business environment and meeting nation-wide standards. In some cases, E.P. Doyle has even worked with auto dealers to turn construction zones into marketing opportunities.


Commercial Office

E.P. Doyle identifies opportunities for efficiency in the office-building process, while working closely with clients to maintain their vision of the completed project. E.P. Doyle prides itself on being able to address the specialized needs of its customers, from high-end corporate offices to office/warehouse, to outside storage needs.


Country Club/Recreation

While working on country clubs, fitness centers and gymnasiums, E.P. Doyle has refined its contacts among specialty contractors, thus providing customers with a great advantage in equipping their facilities. Thorough planning, project phasing and high safety standards enable Doyle to complete projects without dramatically affecting normal operations.


Financial Institutions

In completing some 50 financial institution projects in the last 25 years, E.P. Doyle has mastered and coordinated specialty details including vaults, video surveillance and drive-through equipment. The fact that E.P. Doyle has been awarded multiple projects from major institutions speaks to the high level of customer satisfaction.



E. P. Doyle has experience in both designing and constructing industrial buildings and associated facilities. Processes in these industrial facilities require highly specialized expertise in planning, design, and construction. This type of construction requires an experienced team of individuals to ensure a successful project.


Medical Facilities

E.P. Doyle has successfully completed a wide range of medical projects, including everything from dental offices to compounding pharmacies to surgery centers to rehabilitation clinics. In doing so, Doyle has proven its ability to meet not only customer demands, but also those of agencies such as the Illinois Department of Health and the Food and Drug Administration.


Public Projects

E.P. Doyle treats public projects just like private projects: it looks out for its clients' best interests. In working with government agencies from the local to federal level, E.P. Doyle has been able to resolve issues in a timely and cost-effective manner and generally given taxpayers the best value for their money.


Religious Facilities

E.P. Doyle has been involved with religious projects from the company’s inception 60 years ago. It has earned a reputation for working well with the specialized needs of its customers.



A store owner’s number one priority is to be open for business. E.P. Doyle recognizes this need and structures its approach to facilitate a timely opening or, in the case of renovations, relatively normal business operations.